Dr.amAS: Snowember

The very first performance within our new project [Dis]Advantaged Theatre!

Snowary is a play from Dr.AmAS, a theatre company run by people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their therapists under the organization NAUTIS.

The theme of Snowary is inspired by Petr, a young man with Asperger’s syndrome, whose unusual hobby is the calendar, birthdays and holidays. When you get acquainted with Petr, he very actively tries to find out the date of your birth and then tells you what exact day of the week it was.

Snowary is the thirteenth month in the calendar. It is the month between January and February, which is filled with strange international days that are directly related to Petr’s life. The days reflect his unfulfilled wishes and things forbidden for him. In the Snowary is celebrated, for example, the International Day of Climbing into the Skylight, the Day of Yawning with an Open Mouth, and also those who are not in the regular calendar, for example Little Jesus, celebrate their name days.

The project has been supported by Nadační fond Tesco.

When: December 7, 6 PM
Where: Divadlo Na Prádle, Besední 3, Prague (Praha 1)

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