SPUSA 2017/18 – About the contest

About the contest

Sponsored by such organizations as the Ministry of Education and the American Embassy, the SPUSA Writing Competition offers students the opportunity to express their thoughts and creative ideas, while also helping them develop a confidence and mastery of the English language. This is not only for their use in academic and scholarly pursuits, but to gain a comfort and ease when dealing with people from different countries and cultures.

Each year a specific topic is chosen and students are allowed full interpretive powers over their essay submissions. The essays are then passed on to a panel of jurors who will rank and score the essays. These jurors are customarily luminaries in the cultural and literary world and volunteer for these positions. Sixteen finalists will be chosen and will be awarded prizes at the annual Gala banquet help at the American Embassy in Prague.

Occasionally, SPUSA is able to offer grand prizes to two students that will include travel and educational opportunities in the UK or USA.

The competition is offered free to all.