Unlock your full potential as a Musical Theatre performer with this unique workshop that combines acting, singing and stage movement as a unified whole. Whether you are a musical fan, a student of the theatre, a beginner, or simply a professional performer that wishes to expand your skills, this Musical Performance Workshop will help you learn and improve.

Let us share a GoFundMe of one of our friends. Ondra Pilnaj is a highly talented young performer (you could see him in Ray Bradbury’s ‘2116’) who has been accepted to Berklee. He has worked hard and for it he deserves his dream to come true. Right now there is no other way he could make enough money to afford the studies, even though he’s a hard worker. So, if you can donate, please do so. If not, please spread the message.

Thank you for your help and support!


Nice day for all participants of SPUSA Writing Contest!

Sorry, you have not heard about us for some time, unfortunately there have been unexpected complications which led to a delay. 🙁

However, here’s some good news:
Yesterday we finished the first round of the judging and we already know finalists for this year! During this week, by e-mail we will reach ALL contestants to inform them if they proceed to the final.
Due to the a circumstances mentioned above the final evaluation will take place during the summer and the winners will be announced in September 2018.

Thank you for your patience!