[DiS]Advantaged Theatre

To succeed on stage… To succeed in life!

[DiS]Advantaged Theatre is a project focused on art-therapy groups for people with disabilities and their therapists. As the participants learn and grow, there comes a time when the therapy itself becomes a public performance – a work of art. This is the time for [DiS]Advantaged Theatre!

[DiS]Advantaged Theatre is currently developing collaborative platforms (virtual and physical) for art-therapeutic groups and art professionals. We strive to connect groups and individuals with common goals to bring these new pieces of art alive. As well as, enabling the groups to present their work to an audience for a new and unique art experience.


There are three main pillars that we build on:

  1. To Produce
    Every production takes a lot of work and time, every production need people backstage. We are the people!

  2. To Support
    We enable clients to GIVE something awesome to others; their art. It is a completely new art experience. And to GET their well-deserved reward; the excitement of creating and the experience of a successful endeavor.

  3. To Connect
    Connections are important. Let’s connect the world of art-therapy with the world of professional art; the disadvantaged artists with professionals; groups and individuals with a large variety of life experiences and struggles. in the effort to create this unique artform!

What we believe?

Supporting art-therapy clients’ work and enabling them to succeed is the best way to support their effort.

Succeeding on and off-stage is the best motivation for the clients to continue improving their skills.

Reducing the load of the therapists enables them to run the therapy more effectively.

Presenting these unique pieces of art gives the audience new and unexpected points of view.

Collaborating with a variety of individuals gives the involved professionals new inspiration to further their future work.