Q: When is it best to sign up?

A: Because the capacity of the course is limited, do not wait too long with registration. We will not increase the capacity of the course because it would affect the quality of the lessons. Our lecturers have set the capacity of the workshop in order to have enough time and space to work with the participants effectively.

Q: What is the level of English I need to speak? What if I can’t understand or answer?

A: You do not need to worry about your English level. The workshop will always be attended by someone from our team who will help you if necessary. If you want to get along without translating, do not be afraid to ask the instructor to repeat the instructions, slow the presentation or explain. We are aware, especially at the beginning, it may be difficult for students to overcome language barriers and we will be happy to meet your needs 😉

Q: What if I cannot attend some hours?

A: In this case, we will send you all the materials for self-study and an overview of the lesson with recommendations for home preparation for the following lesson.

Q: How many lessons may I skip to still receive a course certificate?

A: You can skip up to 20 % lessons (for example 8 hours of 40) without affecting your entitlement to the certificate. If you skip more lessons, you will receive the certificate at the discretion of the lecturers. So even if you miss more hours, it’s not all lost 😉