About us

Gallimaufry z. s. is the international arm of Gallimaufry Performing Arts and is concentrated on creating new works and educational opportunities in Prague and throughout the Czech Republic.

Gallimaufry is dedicated to creating ALL the performing arts; Theatre, Dance and Music. We strive to create unique experiences for both the audience and participants by presenting entertaining programs of superior quality and creativity.


Innovative and traditional works of musical theatre have built the foundation of this multi-faceted company dedicated to infusing art into theatre. Plays, musicals readings and revues create a boundless source of entertaining performances that seek to expand the limits of creativity and communication.


An eclectic mix of contemporary and classic dance breathes new life into one of the oldest art forms. From our unique collaborations with the visual arts to our Master Classes, Dance Days and Festivals; we are dedicated to the evolution of movement.


As the most accessible of the performing arts, music acts as a bridge between the arts. Whether vocal or instrumental; concerts or recordings; pop, classical, jazz or theatrical; we seek to evoke emotion through sound.


Educate. Enlighten. Entertain. A major commitment to arts education brings all the performing arts together to better the lives of our children and ourselves. After-school programs, classes for adults, seminars for seniors, mentoring, and our revolutionary youth theatre, The Generation GAP, demonstrate our resolution to lifelong growth.

Gallimaufry Performing Arts is the brainchild of Director, Actor, Dancer, Choreographer and Author, Steve Josephson. It was founded in 2004, to bring together several diverse organizations, of which Mr. Josephson was Artistic Director. At that time, he had already spent 25 years as a dedicated professional working between classical theatre, musical theatre, modern dance, classical music and educational theatre. This work found him traveling across the USA, Mexico and Europe.

Featured among his several hundred productions have been some notable collaborations. For more than twenty years, Mr. Josephson was Resident Director/Choreographer/Playwright for Festival Theatre USC-USA a repertory company affiliated with the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

Working with Artistic Director, Jodie Gates, he was the Executive Director creating the caDance Festival (now renamed the Laguna Beach Dance Festival.)

He was the Producer and star of Star Wars Trilogy in 30 Minutes, which was produced in conjunction with Lucasfilm, Ltd. It had a long-running production in Los Angeles, as well as performances at Skywalker Ranch, Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), Star Wars Celebration and a finale performance at Comic-Con in San Diego.

For several years, he worked with legendary writer Ray Bradbury to create his final work; the musical Ray Bradbury’s ‘2116’, which had workshops and performances in Los Angeles, Edinburgh and Prague.

In Prague, he was the Creative Director, Dramaturge and Choreographer for Daniel Landa on the Production of Klič Králů and he was the Creative Director for the Lobkowicz Palace at Prague Castle.